Apply for a BCC Strong Communities Fund

Apply for a BCC Strong Communities Fund

BCC’s Strong Communities Fund aims to strengthen Brooklyn community-based organizations, develop civic infrastructure to address community priorities with flexible funds, and amplify community-led voice and impact.

BCC announced the launch of the fund with a $3M investment on April 23, 2020.

As of December 11, 2020 the Strong Communities Fund had distributed close to $2 Million dollars.

Criteria for funding: 
– Non-profit organization that promotes health and wealth in Brooklyn in historically and currently disadvantaged communities, with a proven track record of success
– Supports activities to eliminate health disparities and/or create economic opportunities
– Priority will be given to organizations and community projects that may be otherwise overlooked by traditional funding sources
– Funding requests should be capped at $125,000
– Funding should support work related to responding to the current pandemic
– The amount of funding requested should not exceed 20% of the organization’s annual operating budget

At this time, applicants meeting these criteria are invited to submit an application.

Please note: Collaborations between organizations are encouraged and will be eligible for additional funding.