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Brooklyn Communities Collaborative envisions a Brooklyn where all communities are healthy, economically sound, culturally vibrant, and civically engaged.

Brooklyn Communities Collaborative (BCC) is a New York State not-for-profit focused on strengthening health, wealth, and leadership in Brooklyn communities. Leveraging the power of anchor institutions and knowledge of community members, BCC convenes and supports stakeholders to collaborate, integrate services, build resources, and inform the policies and practices that most affect health and well-being.

Annual Report

BCC’s second Annual Report ‘Convening Partners, Strengthening Communities’ highlights the partnerships and progress made throughout 2022, as well as BCC’s work to dismantle barriers to income disparities, promote policies, and implement programs leading to vibrant and healthy communities.

Building Health, Wealth and Equity in Brooklyn

Our Roots

BCC is built on a foundation of programs, research, and investments that has brought people across Brooklyn together over the last decade. Collaboration among BCC’s members has already impacted the lives of countless New Yorkers and made a significant impact in closing the gap on health disparities in our communities.

The Anchor Mission Approach

BCC takes the Anchor Mission approach, encouraging cornerstone institutions with significant economic and human capital (e.g. universities, hospitals) to collectively support the communities where they are rooted. This approach has yielded high-impact, collaborative efforts in diverse cities like Cleveland and Baltimore.

The BCC anchors will use their procurement, real estate, employment, and coordination capacity to help drive impact.

Our strategy will be shaped by the people who live and work here.
BCC’s work and priorities are and will always be driven by Brooklyn. Our leaders have supported student-led participatory action research studies in underserved neighborhoods throughout the borough to shed light on residents’ concerns and bring their voices to the tables where politicians and stakeholders make funding decisions. We have facilitated local calls-to-action to mobilize citizen groups towards change.

Our Work


An effort to expedite affordable housing,
ensure community voice, and provide supportive services for Brooklyn residents, recognizing that housing stability provides the foundation for health and well-being


A campaign to strengthen Brooklyn community-based organizations and develop civic infrastructure to address community priorities with flexible funds and amplify community-led voice and impact


A movement to strengthen economic democracy and education to build health and wealth through workforce training, education programs, and incubation of worker-owned and MWBEs to supply anchor institutions while building a citizen share


WEB is a Participatory Action Research project made up of researchers, planners, and community organizers whose mission is to improve community health within under-resourced and marginalized communities of Brooklyn, New York